How should I dress?
Wear something you would choose if you were going out for dinner or going to church. Women and girls can wear dresses, skirts, dress slacks, and tops. Men and boys can wear dress pants and shirts. Clean jeans that aren't ripped are fine. Do not wear shorts, hats, a top with spaghetti straps, or a top that shows your stomach. You may want a jacket or sweater. The courtrooms can be chilly.

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1. How should I dress?
2. How can I get to the courthouse and where should I park?
3. Where do I meet my victim advocate?
4. Where can I get a drink or snack?
5. Where can I make phone calls?
6. Where can I smoke?
7. Should I bring anything with me?
8. How long can I expect to be there?
9. Will anyone stay with me?
10. Who is permitted in the courtroom?
11. Where can I get an excuse for missing work or school?
12. Do I get paid for being a witness?
13. What about security?