In November 2018, Lancaster County Prison was inspected by the DOC under Title37, Chapter 95 standards.

There are many areas reviewed including housing, classification and security procedures.

Lancaster County Prison was in compliance with all sections. The only change that was required was repair to 2 shower areas in Work Release housing. A quote was obtained and the work was performed in February 2019. Documentation was submitted to the inspectors and full compliance was issued.

The in depth inspection includes policy review and face to face interviews with both staff and inmates. All areas of the facility are toured and inspected for safety and sanitation. It covers security, treatment, education, medical services and food service operations.

We are proud to report that our compliance carries us through to our next scheduled inspection in 2020.

A letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in regard to the Lancaster County Prison Title 37 inspection is linked here.

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Effective March 1st, 2019, incoming envelopes will be discarded in the mail room and will not be taken to the blocks. Anyone who wants to ensure the return address gets to the inmate must write the address on the letter itself. The return address is still required on the envelope.

We encourage visitors to check WGAL Closings and Cancellations to see if regularly scheduled visitation has been cancelled due to inclement weather.


Beginning on October 1st, 2018 greeting cards of any kind will no longer be accepted by Lancaster County Prison unless they are directly shipped from an approved vendor of Lancaster County Prison. This decision has been made due to the recent issues across the state of Pennsylvania that pertain to drugs and other contraband entering correctional facilities via the mail.

From the above date forward any cards that come via the mail and are not from the approved vendor will be marked “cards not accepted” and sent back to the return address listed on the envelope.

The approved vendor is below:


Due to the influx of contraband into Lancaster County Prison, the decision has been made to discontinue the inmate personal book program. The below listed dates are important dates and actions that will be taking place in the near future

To ensure inmates have access to reading material Lancaster County Prison will be expanding upon the current in-house library with help from the Lancaster County Library System.
This will not affect books given out by the Chaplains office or School.

Suicide Hotline:        717-664-LIFE (5433)

PREA Hotline:          1-844-429-5412

Friends and family members of an inmate are encouraged to report any suspicion that the inmate is a victim or perpetrator of sexual abuse or harassment by calling the PREA Hotline.

Lancaster County Prison PREA Policy

PREA Risk Assessment Screening Form

Lancaster County Prison PREA Report

Lancaster County Prison PREA Inspection


Effective March 1, 2016

Money orders WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED in the Prison lobby. Money orders will still be accepted through the mail. No personal checks are accepted.

Money can be deposited on to commissary accounts by visiting: or using the kiosk located in the prison lobby (cash, credit, or debit)

Money can be deposited on to phone accounts by visiting:


Change in inmate clothing exchange procedure, click here

Current Prison Commissary Menu

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