Other Helpful Sites

  • COBYS Family Services - Motivated by Christian faith, COBYS Family Services educates, supports, and empowers children and adults to reach their full potential.
  • Compass Mark - Formerly known as the Council on Drug & Alcohol Abuse. As Compass Mark, we continue our commitment to guide individuals and families on a journey toward lives free from substance abuse and full of promise.
  • DUI Council of Lancaster County - provides resources throughout Lancaster County that enhance awareness and promote the responsible use of alcohol through education, advocacy, and partnerships.
  • Gaudenzia/Vantage/Elsie Shenk Outpatient - Gaudenzia helps people affected by chemical dependency, mental illness and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life-allowing them to live as productive and accountable individuals.
  • Center for Community Peacemaking (CCP) - Faith-based Restorative Justice ministry which leads voluntary face-to-face meetings between offenders and their victims. This meeting provides the opportunity to talk about what happened (facts and feelings), what needs are to be met (restitution) and what should happen in the future (trust).
  • Spanish American Civic Association - foster and facilitate the cultural, social, civic and economic development of the Latino Community of the City and County of Lancaster through the provision of human services, employment and training, and behavioral health services.
  • Student Health OUTreach (SHOUT) - invests in teens and adults working together to reduce teen pregnancy in Lancaster County by providing information, advocacy and comphrehensive education for youth on wellness and healthy relationships.
  • YWCA of Lancaster - dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.