Bonds & Commissions Index 1811-1965

Bonds were posted by public officials that made them responsible if they failed to fulfill their job duties.  Commissions or oaths were taken by public officials to faithfully perform their duties and support the Constitution of the United States.  Bonds & Commissions show the County official’s name, title, amount of bond, and condition of obligation for a variety of County offices such as Commissioner, Coroner, Prothonotary, Recorder, Register of Wills, Sheriff, and Treasurer.  Records were also recorded for aldermen, courthouse clerks, judges, notary publics, and policemen. Records beyond this time frame were recorded in regular deed books.  

Search Tips:  Bonds & Commissions records are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the surname of the individual.  Use the bookmark feature within the index to quickly navigate to the appropriate surname section.  The single letters in the left margin represent the second letter of the last name.  Please provide the book and page number when requesting references.  

Bonds and Commissions Index

Lancaster County Bonds & Commissions Index (surnames)